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September 2017
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An ever-arrogant Martin Shkreli celebrated the mixed verdict from his fraud trial Friday playing what he claimed was his coveted $2 million Wu-Tang Clan album on Youtube.“Once Upon a Time in Shaolin” the title of the newest comeback of Wu-Tang was allegedly played for a reporter for approximately 10 minutes in the 34-year-old convict’s Murray Hill apartment before he switched over to something else.Only one copy of the album was made and then sold to the highest bidder, Shkreli, in 2015 the same guy that raised HIV medication 5000 cents.I mean what did they really think? As part of the deal, he supposedly isn’t allowed to play it commercially for 88 years. but he alleged played at parties before the 88 years contract was up. Shkreli stated in one of his you tube clips, “I’ve got to decide how to put out — there’s about 30, 35 tracks,” during one of the clips. “I actually have a contract with the Wu-Tang Clan where I’m not allowed to do this” he goes on the say Obviously, I own the music and I bought it and paid a lot of money for it. In many ways, the contract shouldn’t matter that much. But I am a man of my word; I had to play a little bit of it … but I’ve got to keep my word to them, too.” Through this all this our legendary Wu-tang still celebrated by releasing the LP in August by debuted a new song called “People Say” featuring Redman during an episode of Ebro Darden’s Beats 1 Radio program with RZA as their producer. KZA produced “People Say” that song is fire.

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